Respecting the past, embracing the future.

Our story begins in 1908 when A.O. Eliason started a family business that would endure through four generations of trustworthy financial professionals. Now led by Eliason’s great-granddaughter, Winter & Associates has become one of the oldest financial firms in the Upper Midwest. As the world of money gets more complex and the needs of clients evolve, we keep rising to meet their next challenge—and the next and the next. That’s our legacy.


Following up, following through.

Managing your money is a journey too important to go alone. We are your allies in this complicated part of life, at your side with answers and options in the good times and the inevitable rough spots. We genuinely care about the families we serve. We keep our promises. We follow up to make sure you have a good experience. Our clients trust us to protect their wealth and advance their interests year after year. So they can do more and worry less.


Reliable guidance, real value.

You spend a lifetime building your wealth and family legacy. We believe you are entitled to sound advice at a reasonable cost. Our financial professionals go beyond the usual check-ins to give you a level of attention you may not get at a large firm or with a corporate financial professional. By guiding you to make informed choices and avoid wrong turns, we help you build a foundation as important as financial wealth: an authentic sense of security.


There’s no family like yours.

For us, this business is personal. We begin by understanding what you care about: your values, your financial concerns, your big picture. Instead of off-the-shelf advice and cookie-cutter financial products, we design customized strategies that can serve your needs now and as things change. From your home to education to retirement preparation to your financial legacy, we’re here to support your goals across decades and generations. 


We all succeed together.

Happy, prosperous clients are only one way we measure success. As proud members of the community we call home, everyone on our team works to strengthen our local fabric through volunteering, philanthropy, and sharing expertise. We advocate for important causes in our community, from education and child welfare to protecting the environment and fighting disease. Because when everyone does better, so do we.